Monsanto is a deadly menace to the people of the world – Shut it down!

The Monsanto Corporation is a deadly menace to the people of the world. In its relentless pursuit of maximizing profits, it has driven millions off their land, and caused many to commit suicide, especially in India, due to impossible indebtedness. It has monopolized the market for soybeans, corn and other crops in many areas and […]


Campaign’s Caravan!

Saturday March 15 The Frank Lara for Congress and Nathalie Hrizi for Insurance Commissioner campaigns traveled the Mission district of San Francisco raising the slogans “SF for the people, not for profit” and “Healthcare for All” Ten people traveled in a truck displaying large banners for each campaign, stopping at 16th and Mission, 24th and Mission and […]


Health Insurers of America

We say: Abolish the insurance companies!

Insurance companies are a pervasive part of the capitalist economy. Large corporations sell insurance for when someone dies or suffers a medical disability or when property is damaged. Private companies offer mandated car insurance for accidents and breakdowns and now mandated health insurance. In California, this is a $123 billion industry. The U.S. insurance industry’s […]

Statement from #Hrizi2014: Invitation to Campaign Kick-Off and Recception

Healthcare is a Right! Abolish Insurance Companies! Nathalie Hrizi for California State Insurance Commissioner   Nathalie Hrizi, a San Francisco school teacher and community activist is running for California state Insurance Commissioner, the office in charge of setting rates and regulating the huge insurance business. Nathalie’s top priority would be to make sure that everyone […]

Hrizi healthcare statement.pdf